LITF series ignites new phase of din rail power


Relec Electronics has announced the availability of MORNSUN’s new LITF series, a range of high-quality 3-phase input DIN rail AC-DC power supplies. The series aims to realign industry standards with its high reliability and compact power density. Engineered for a wide variety of industrial applications, the LITF series boasts a wide input voltage of up to 600Vac and an impressive efficiency rate of up to 95.6%.

Active power factor correction, with PF>0.95, enhances the series’ energy efficiency and reduces harmonic distortion, complying with EN61000-3-2 standards.

Built for challenging conditions, the LITF power supplies operate effectively in temperatures between -30 and +60°C without performance degradation. They also come with a 150% peak load capability, making them suitable for motor and highly capacitive loads, allowing the units to handle sudden increases in load without sacrificing performance.

The LITF series is certified according to several safety standards, including UL61010 Over Voltage Category level III, EN/UL/BSEN62368, and UL508 and ANSI/ISA71.04-2013 level G3 standard, making them suitable for use in polluted industrial settings. These certifications ensure that the power supplies meet stringent safety requirements, adding an extra layer of reassurance for users.

The series also features the RS485 communications protocol, enabling centralised control and monitoring of multiple power supply units. This adds to the system’s adaptability and integrability. Additionally, the LITF series supports parallel operation for applications requiring higher power levels or redundancy.

Overall, the LITF series is poised to redefine the landscape of 3-phase din-rail power supplies by combining advanced features and compliance with the latest safety standards, showcasing MORNSUN’s engineering skills and Relec Electronics’ dedication to bringing the most innovative products to the market.


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