LINE OPTICS: An Excellent Option for IMPAC ISR 6 and IGAR 6 Advanced Pyrometers


Expanded functionality especially for wire production and pouring stream measurements

IMPAC pyrometers Series 6 Advanced represent the “flagship-class” of small-sized infrared thermometers by LumaSense. They are extremely fast and highly accurate digital pyrometers (single color or 2-color) with very long temperature ranges, analog output, digital interface, and focusable optics.
Different models are available with integrated LED display with laser targeting light, view finder, or integrated color-TV camera.
Moreover, there are special versions available, e.g. with integrated thermal imaging feature, for mid temperature or 2-color measurements or for ultra-thin glass sheets (e.g. Gorilla® glass), all prepared for exact temperature measurements, covering a wide range of industrial applications.

The IMPAC ISR 6 Advanced by LumaSense is a digital, compact and  fast high-class pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurements in temperature ranges from 600 to 3000 °C., for steel and metal processing applications as well as for silicon processing in the Solar Industry. In addition it covers many applications for glass industry as well as for production of  Cement. These pyrometers measure in the 2-color or ratio method in which two adjacent wavelengths are used for exact temperature determination.

The IMPAC IGAR 6 Advanced is also a very versatile pyrometer, which – depending on the individual requirements – can be operated in different modes. Besides the 1-color mode (100 … 2000 °C) a 2-color mode (250 … 2000 °C) or a special Smart mode can be selected in which the measurements between 100 … 250 °C will be taken in 1-color mode whereas in the range between 280 … 2000 °C the measurements will be based on the 2-color method (ratio method) with a smart transition from 250 to 280 °C.

Besides the standard optical heads from now on these pyrometers are optionally also available with integrated line optics.

These “line optics” feature a specially wider spot in shape of a line and provide additional advantages for dedicated applications, especially wire production or pouring stream measurements.
The line shaped spot guarantees that vibrating or oscillating wires or a moving pouring stream do not move out of the pyrometer’s target spot. Thereby the wires respectively the pouring stream need to be aligned diagonally to the line shaped spot.

In combination with the fast response time of 2 ms even very fast processes can be measured reliably. The optics can be manually adjusted at all distances between 210 mm and 5000 mm.

The orientation of the line spot is vertical for MB 14 (wire move horizontally). The temperature range of this version is 600…1400°C

The orientation of the line spot is horizontal for MB 25 (pouring stream runs vertical), measured temperatures with line optics are from 800…2500°C.

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