LG Motion onwards and upwards with Steinmeyer Mechatronics

LG Motion is pleased to announce a new addition to its impressive UK portfolio – German- based Steinmeyer Mechatronics GmbH.
The Basingstoke-based motion control experts will be representing Steinmeyer in the UK, a leading manufacturer of positioning technology products. The new partnership is the latest addition to LG’s motion control portfolio, which prides itself in complementary working relationships with a number of international manufacturers of drive systems and components.
The addition of Steinmeyer’s range of products will now extend the capability of LG Motion and enable it to provide more attractive options to mid-sized OEMs.
Steinmeyer is a leading manufacturer of positioning technology products which operates from its factory in Dresden, Germany, where it boasts over 120 employees. With a heritage stretching back over 140 years, Steinmeyer is no newcomer to the industry and the development of its product range through well-proven manufacturing techniques is second to none.
The high precision positioning systems manufactured by Steinmeyer are particularly suited to applications in the following areas:


Of particular interest are the products designed for applications in vacuum technology.

Vacuum multi axis system

Positioning items in a vacuum is a particular challenge. Only certain materials, components and lubricants meet the requirements in terms of low gas emissions. Often, it is not possible to use liquid lubricants. The bake-out process also puts a great deal of pressure on the positioning system; the thermal stresses which occur at temperatures up to 140°C must be taken into account. All the parts produced by Steinmeyer are vacuum-compatible, cleaned separately after production and assembled in a clean room.  The choice of materials is restricted even further for nonmagnetic systems.

Multi Axis Systems

This is another area of particular expertise which LG Motion is now able to offer as part of their comprehensive drive controls portfolio.

Some applications require accurate positioning along more than one axis. Steinmeyer have developed a range of combinations which include conventional orthogonal XYZ systems, gantry systems in different precision classes, with and without air bearings, and multi-axis combinations for any degree of freedom when moving items. A controller is selected to match the specification of the system.

High performing linear servo systems can be provided with the Polaris controllers, which are also part of LG Motion’s portfolio, to provide an integrated world-beating package.

If you would like more information about LG Motion and this exciting range of new products please get in touch:

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