Let Goss put the spring back into your step


There are many manufacturers and distributors of springs who offer standard catalogue designs.

This can be frustrating for the customers who cannot always find exactly what he wants for his application and therefore has to start compromising his design requirements to suit what is available.

Goss have built their brand and reputation on a completely different approach

“Customising the design and manufacture of the requirement of our customers is one of the main strengths of our company and sets us apart from the competition” say Nick and Daniel Goss who run Goss Springs in Epping.

The diversity of products and solutions that Goss have produced is truly staggering .

At one end of the application spectrum Goss produce miniature tension springs no bigger than 5mm long which are uses to control the actuation of electronic microswitches.

Tension Spring

At the other end of the scale Goss have designed and manufacture many compression and tension springs for “single operation” applications in military applications.

The two applications described may be “extreme” but they illustrate very well the challenges that the team at Goss rise to and meet on a daily basis.

The unique and diverse design and manufacturing capability of Goss can certainly put a spring back in your step!




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