LED solutions: Making the right choice


Because of the sheer number of LED lighting and power supply products available, and when having to weigh up factors like efficiency, reliability, adaptability and longevity, finding the right solution can be a challenge. Russell Parr, CEO at PowerLed, explains why finding the right supplier can be the key to finding the right solutions. 

To ensure that lighting solutions are fit for purpose, engineers and managers in processing and manufacturing can benefit considerably from working with a lighting and power supply partner that takes a strategic, tailored approach, rather than a generic supplier. Finding a partner with expertise in both power technology and mass production, and that places its clients’ needs at its core, ensuring that every solution is tailor-made for its particular application, will result in lighting solutions that are innovative, reliable and efficient.

Of course, to guarantee that products will be reliable and durable, that they can meet a wide variety of requirements, and that they can offer lifespans of 50,000 hours, modern lighting solutions need to be built from high-quality components, like advanced LED driver technology and superior chipsets.

Hand in hand with their lighting fixtures, engineers and managers need top-quality power supplies. The innovative solutions available today are engineered for both indoor and outdoor environments and come equipped with features such as power factor correction, streamlined design and superior efficiency. While durability is vital, a standout supplier will also provide warranties that extend up to five years and ensure the power supply is CE-approved and certificated to meet UK, European and international safety regulations.

When it comes to finding quality, it is also beneficial to seek a supplier that has credible partnerships of its own. In the lighting sector, this includes official Tier 1 partners of Mean Well, a global leader in switching power supply equipment. Such partnerships enable suppliers to offer thousands of premium power supply products.

More than just products

Engineers and managers in the process and manufacturing industries often require application-specific solutions, not just products. This makes a client-focused approach to developing tailored solutions coupled with quality customer service, key features when seeking a reliable and trusted lighting partner.

Today, despite many suppliers offering extensive lineups of products, customers struggle to make informed decisions due to a lack of detailed technical information. What they need is a supplier that offers expert advice and tailored technical design support, while offering high-quality LED drivers and lighting solutions that cover the spectrum of industrial, commercial and residential applications.

It is also advantageous to work with a supplier that, in alignment with the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive, designs products that combine energy efficiency with resource optimisation. Doing so enables the procurement of lighting fixtures that have enhanced performance and achieve environmental standards, resulting in better value for money and improved returns on investment.

With advancements in LED technology producing increased light output for every watt consumed, lumens have now become the primary metric for measuring luminosity. Finding a supplier that uses lumens instead of watts ensures a more precise indication of an LED’s brightness and enables more informed decision-making around light quality and energy efficiency.

A preferred partner 

With two decades of industry experience, PowerLed is a trusted leader in the LED lighting and power supply industry. Not only are its products equipped with best-of-breed components, innovative technologies, and EU-compliant parts, but its client-centric approach and dedicated customer service ensure that every client’s needs are met.

For engineers and managers in the process and manufacturing industries searching for safe, reliable, cost-efficient and tailored lighting solutions, PowerLed should be the preferred choice.



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