KUKA posts record robot sales


KUKA Robotics in the UK and Ireland has posted the strongest annual sales figures in the company’s history, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting recession. The group attributes the success to its proven sales strategies and strategic factors that combine to make 2020 a record year.

With the rise of e-mobility, driven by customer demand for green modes of transportation, the automotive sector has undergone big changes in vehicle design and propulsion. KUKA has been at the forefront of automation for e-mobility production and a big cause for celebration was a large order from commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Arrival, a new company with a unique production model.

KUKA UK is supplying robots to meet Arrival’s rising demand, across the world. CNBC reported in November 2020 that Arrival was aiming to build three to four factories a year, each serving a city and its community, linked in a global framework. The potential for future use of robotics and automation from KUKA is very promising.

KUKA has also restructured its sales teams to cover sectors and regions simultaneously and efficiently. Now, every sales manager targets an industry sector as well as a geographic footprint.

Thirdly, KUKA has crystallised its strategy for Education and Research and Development. KUKA has always believed in the fundamental need for appropriately skilled operators, technicians and engineers, to extract the best out of automated machines, assembly lines and research projects.

With the benefits of Industry 4.0 and digitisation, together with incredible advances in manufacturing technologies, KUKA says it expects to take its record 2020 success into 2021 and deliver continued growth, despite the economic challenges.


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