The key to preventing corrosion


Maintaining an ideal atmosphere in panels & enclosures is key to preventing corrosion. STEGO the specialist for Thermal Management provides a solution to this problem: The Electronic Thermostat DCT 010 offers high usability and variability.

Thermostat with integrated switching function

The Electronic Thermostat DCT 010 with integrated switching module is used to control high-performance electrical DC devices in switch cabinets. Heating and cooling devices, filter fans or signal heads can be controlled directly via the internal electronic switching circuit. Precise temperature measurement is achieved by placing the external sensor freely within the control cabinet. The setting range is 60 °C, available in two versions: -10 to +50 °C and 0 to +60 °C. The DCT 010 is designed for a wide voltage range from DC 20 to 56 V.

Thermostat with additional function

The switching module of the DCT 010 is available in versions as normally open (NO) contact, for example for controlling filter fans and also in versions as normally closed (NC) contact, for example for controlling heaters. In addition, the NC versions offer a secondary switching function which monitors humidity of the ambient air. The proven threshold value of 65% relative humidity is fixed. This setup protects sensitive electronics even better against corrosion.

Proven and user-friendly

The STEGO DC Line of products – such as the Electronic Thermostat DCT 010, the Switching Module DCM 010 and the Electronic Hygrostat DCF 010 – were developed simultaneously on one platform and therefore share high quality features. The redundant design with high-quality MOSFET technology ensures maximum reliability, short response times and reliable switching of high DC power. The lifetime expectancy exceeds 100,000 switching cycles.

The needs of the technical staff for installation and wiring were also taken into account. The DCT 010 is safely and quickly placed on DIN rails via DIN Clip. The electrical connection is tool free. A 6-pin push-in terminal efficiently takes up cables with cross-sections up to 2.5 mm2. The external sensor facilitates exact measurement and decouples disturbing influences. Its cable length of 2 m with snap-in connector allows for individual placement via screw or clip attachment. An LED light indicates the functional status. STEGO’s new Electronic Thermostat is rated with protection class IP20, and carries the EAC mark. Approvals from VDE and UL round off the specification of the DCF 010 comprehensively.


Since it was founded in 1980, STEGO Elektrotechnik in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, has been developing, producing and selling an ever-growing range of products for the protection of electric and electronic components. All STEGO products for cabinets and enclosures – heaters, fan heaters, filter fans, LED-lamps, thermostats, hygrostats and accessories – are aimed at reaching optimum climatic conditions in the most varied environments, ensuring that all sensitive components work reliably at all times. STEGO is now represented at 12 locations and by more than 200 sales partners worldwide.


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