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dr420_lnbKemo Ltd recently completed the delivery of a large order into the energy market which included multiple racks of 32channel DR range DIN rail mount filter modules, configured to supply 4-20mA to the associated measurement system and built in the UK. The installation which also took place in the UK was necessary to resolve a range of noise issues that were present in the monitoring system on site. The overall project represented a significant investment on behalf of their customer but also showed the high level of flexibility that Kemo offer to solve noise issues which are still common place in many applications and which cause significant issues for data analysis and evaluation.

Robert Owens, Kemo’s Managing Director said of the project….’In a world of increasingly complex industrial monitoring systems which rely on more and more sensor data, it is interesting that the long standing issues of noisy signals still play a major part and our filtering solutions remain a critical element in the data analysis system. We have found over the last few years that more and more applications require an element of customisation and this is something we pride ourselves in offering.’

The KEMO DIN rail filter is simple to set up and offers a range of filter options, including factory set fixed frequency from less than 0.5Hz to more than 500kHz and variable frequency set by DIP switches from 0.2Hz to 127.5kHz. Both types can be supplied with a range of filter responses (General Purpose, Anti-alias, Butterworth, Bessel….) including low-pass, high pass and notch filter characteristics. The DR range also feature configurable input gain and IEPE sensor supply, in addition a recent growth in demand has led to 4-20mA input and output available.

Kemo are proud to be part of the UK’s resurgent manufacturing industry, for more details about their filter products, applications advice and customisation options please contact the sales office on +44 (0)1474 705168 or email


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