Jacopa Drives Success at Countess Wear


Wastewater treatment systems and solutions provider Jacopa has completed a contract to refurbish the grit removal system at one of South West Water’s largest wastewater treatment works at Countess Wear.


The 50,000PE plant serves the fast-growing city of Exeter and the booming new town of Cranbrook, to the north-east. The treatment works sits on an island bounded by the M5 motorway, the Exeter canal and the river Exe, and is less than three miles from the city centre.

Under the contract, the company has provided South West Water with a new detritor drive head for one of the two units at the works and refurbished the drive head of the other. Other elements of the contract included fabricating an organics return assembly and refurbishing the plant’s existing grit rake.

South West Water is investing significant sums in improving the Countess Wear treatment works to ensure it continues to meet growing demand. This project was intended to ensure that the works’ detritors are able to cope with increased peak flow rates, and enable them to give many more years of useful service.

Jacopa worked with South West Water Tier 2 contractor Nomenca, who undertook the removal and installation work. The grit rake was removed and refurbished at Jacopa’s specialist facility in West Bromwich, and Jacopa fabricated a new grit rake frame to replace the existing one, which was found to have reached the end of its useful life.

Jacopa constructed the new organics return assembly based on the dimensions of the shaft in the current unit, and other elements of the detritor were stripped, inspected, cleaned, re-painted and re-assembled.

Jacopa key account manager, James Niebel said, “We were delighted to win this contract; we are very proud of our good relationship with our utility clients which is based on our reputation for providing the best possible service and robust, reliable equipment that will have a long life and so will be extremely cost-effective.”

“Our experts understand process equipment in great depth , and our highly trained engineers can upgrade and improve existing equipment to the latest specification. We are also very well regarded for providing the best possible after-sales support to ensure equipment continues to work to its optimum.”










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