Isotech celebrates anniversary


Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) is celebrating 35 years of successfully providing solutions for temperature measurement and calibration.

Founded by John Tavener, Isotech started by providing thermocouple reference units used in the power industry. Unable to find appropriate equipment, John designed and built his own solutions!

“Our original aim was to produce calibration equipment specifically to calibrate temperature sensors irrespective of the technology we needed,” explained John. “Thirty five years ago this was novel. We cooperated with others who had good ideas or products – I think particularly of engineers and innovators such as Jim Riddett, Sid Race, Jim Cross, and more recently Paul Bramley, Georges Bonnier and Rod White. Now, 35 years after Isotech started, we offer a complete range of calibration equipment and our products are used in 80% of the world’s National Laboratories.”

From referencing a thermocouple, to calibrating a single industrial sensor, to providing Primary Standards for the world’s leading laboratories, Isotech has a solution. Clients can find heat sources, liquid baths, calibration furnaces, blackbody sources, standard thermometers, digital thermometers, thermometry bridges and ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells.

Isotech not only provides products but also offers calibration services in the company’s laboratory, Northern Temperature Primary Laboratory (NTPL), which has the smallest of uncertainties (see UKAS Schedule).

Working with international partners, the company continues to equip clients around the world with innovative, high accuracy solutions with expert pre- and post-sales support. Many nations rely on Isotech for their primary standards.

Throughout the year there will be a number of special promotions, yet further innovation, and special celebrations to mark this 35th Anniversary.

Keep checking the Isotech website to learn how you can benefit from Isotech’s anniversary.


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