It is widely accepted that the BEKOMAT condensate drain from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd is the world’s most reliable condensate drain. With over three million fitted worldwide, it is also the most prolific by a long way.

The problem is that BEKOMAT is so reliable that customers often neglect to undertake the simple servicing requirements- indeed we have seen many examples of BEKOMAT’s functioning reliably after many years use without having ever been serviced! This is fine so long as the drain continues to work- the BEKOMAT is designed to operate for at least one million cycles between each service- it is indeed the Mercedes Benz of the condensate world! But you wouldn’t invest in a Mercedes and then not service it for 10 years, would you! Of course not, you would want your investment to be properly looked after so you get the best performance and value from it.

So here’s the good news- it costs a lot less to service a BEKOMAT than it does a Mercedes! BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offer “BEKO Service Direct “, a service where BEKOMAT drains are returned for full overhaul, cleaning and testing- all for a fixed price!

For the fixed price, each BEKOMAT gets the following five-star treatment-

  • Full clean and inspection
  • Replacement of all wearing parts, including diaphragm, plunger and electrical cover seal
  • Pressure and function test
  • Final clean and polish
  • BEKO service label with time and date of service
  • Express carriage back to customer

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES recommend an annual service to every BEKOMAT. We realise that, in practice, most BEKOMAT’s aren’t lucky enough to be looked after in this way, so we have the “BEKO Service Direct” price promise. This means a fixed price for a standard service to all popular drains. The only extra’s to pay are for any further work needed outside the scope of the above schedule.

There are several aims for this service-

  • To save energy- A poorly or non functioning BEKOMAT could be working at reduced efficiency, thus wasting valuable compressed air
  • Improve air quality- Again, if a condensate drain isn’t working because it hasn’t been serviced for years, it may not be removing condensate, as it should. This can be extremely costly in terms of equipment failure downstream, lost production and so on….
  • Help the environment- by extending the life of existing BEKOMAT drains; we are using less valuable raw materials and energy making new ones! Sure, we love to sell new drains, but we also love our planet.
  • Improve customer confidence- if a drain isn’t working, even though it may be due to years of neglect or abuse, it still reflects badly on us. We want all of our drains to look and perform well, the more we service, the better our image becomes!
  • Save our customer’s money- if we can service rather than replace, that’s giving better value from the original investment. BEKOMAT drains may not be the cheapest to buy, but they will always be the best value in the long term- and serviceability is part of that.

If you have just one drain which needs servicing, or if you want to start a rolling program of condensate drain maintenance, call your local BEKO representative, or BEKO TECHNOLOGIES on 01527 575778.


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