IOSH 2018: ensure your organisation gets maximum value from attending


Going to a conference or exhibition demands a significant commitment of time, money and attention. Louise Appleby, IOSH’s Events Manager, suggests how individuals and the companies they represent can gain the most from the IOSH 2018 experience.

With every important decision, it pays to calculate the likely returns on your investment. Deciding on whether to attend IOSH 2018 is no different.

Key questions you are likely to ask are:

  • Do the issues covered in the programme link with our business objectives?
  • Which insights from the speakers and delegates could help us work better in future?
  • What examples will show how we can make performance and productivity gains?
  • How will IOSH 2018 help us stay ahead of the game?

The full conference programme or the various tailored programmes, available at will answer some of these. Also take a look at the IOSH means business web pages ( and our report, The healthy profit (, which demonstrates how investments in safety, health and wellbeing are giving organisations advantages in their sectors and markets.

Main benefits to you

Here are some of the main ways managers tell us going to the annual IOSH conference pays off:

  • The conference programme has been designed with you in mind and includes issues that affect your organisation day-to-day:
    • the effective management of risk
    • embedding a new wellbeing programme
    • reporting on safety and health performance
    • implementing new standards
    • being legally compliant
    • and getting departments, such as health and safety and HR, to work together effectively.
  • With large amounts of information available, a conference like this highlights which resources to use and how good practice is best implemented to achieve an impact.
  • You’ll receive assurance on getting occupational health and safety management systems right. For instance, if you’re looking at implementing ISO 45001, you’ll find out the key principles to follow, assessing risks and opportunities.
  • You will hear fresh examples of applying good safety and health strategies and practices – being legally compliant but also leading, inspiring, utilising best practice, and creating a positive culture along the way.
  • By engaging with other disciplines, you will be better able to make the safety and health business case for shared improvement and joint working (e.g. supply chain/contractors and procurement, health and wellbeing).
  • IOSH 2018 will give you plenty of chances to think about the problem others faced, what they did, how it benefited them, and how that can be taken back to your own workplace.
  • Get tips on engaging with the whole organisation – getting your messages across, being heard, and ensuring your advice is followed and adopted, learning influencing skills.
  • Hear legal updates on recent incidents or case law which provide an insight into prevention and protective measures.
  • Finally, find out how to show tangible benefits of safety, health and wellbeing using the best available measures and ways of reporting.

Additional returns on investment

What could IOSH 2018 save you and your organisation in the longer term?

Sentencing guidelines in the UK have brought about large increases in fines and employers are under more scrutiny than ever, from investors and customers to regulators and the media, asking more and more questions about the way organisations look after their people.

IOSH 2018 will give you information and practical examples to deal with all these things.

We can help you share all the benefits of attending with your team after the event. We’re working with our speakers and participants to prepare slides that you can share more widely after the event within your organisation or with clients and use to create briefings.


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