Intoware welcomes new Sales Development Executive


Nottingham-based workflow automation specialist, Intoware, has appointed a new Sales Development Executive.

Katie Slaughter, from Chicago, America, brings a wealth of experience in sales and technology adoption, making her a valuable addition to the Intoware team.

In her previous roles, Katie has demonstrated a passion for building relationships and driving sales in various industries, including technology and the arts.

She said: “I am pleased to join the Intoware team as a Sales Development Executive. I was drawn to this role for a few reasons, I really believe in Intoware’s product and the capacity it has to reduce paper waste as well as increase workplace efficiency. Building new relationships in a sales development role is something I enjoy doing, so this was the perfect fit!

“I look forward to building new relationships with clients to support Intoware’s goals of reducing paper waste and supporting clients’ Industry 4.0 goals, as well as promoting a great product that is so intuitive to use and has the capacity to function in so many different ways across many industries. Intoware has a great track record and huge potential for impact, so I’m really looking forward to supporting our team’s continued success.”

Intoware’s flagship product, WorkfloPlus, is a mobile technology platform created to enable businesses to digitise processes and tasks across industrial operations, converting them from paper to be accessible via mobile, wearable technology and desktop devices.

Katie’s background is not limited to sales. She is currently undertaking doctoral research at the University of Oxford in a fascinating field of research that intersects with her new role.

She explained: “My PhD research is about how new theories of agency and cognition can shed light on how we study human interaction with, and adoption of, technology and innovation.

“While my research is rooted in the study of ancient Greek pottery wheels, the theoretical analysis is all modern and can be applied to any innovation from any time period. This means my research can be applied to anything ranging from smartphones and tablets to the latest in AI; if it is a technology that people interact with, the sky’s the limit!

“Understanding how people interact with technology and innovation certainly lends itself to working with new tech such as Intoware’s software, WorkfloPlus.

“It gives me a unique perspective to understand why people might be more or less likely to adopt new technology and practices. This means I can better help new clients understand the benefits of WorkfloPlus and build great relationships.”

Moving to the UK from America for her studies was an easy decision for Katie and although she misses her family, friends and certain foods, she said: “What brought me to England was the incredible offer to conduct my research at the University of Oxford with some of the greatest minds in the world, and such a wide range of resources available to me here. A few of the reasons I plan to stay in England are: my partner who I met here, a great job at Intoware, and the beautiful countryside where I ride horses!”

Keith Tilley, CEO of Intoware, said: “Intoware is thrilled to welcome Katie to the team and looks forward to her contributions in driving the company’s growth.”

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