Intelligent Motion Systems iTRAK and MagneMotion on showcase at interpack 2017


Rockwell Automation together with members of its PartnerNetwork will showcase iTRAK and MagneMotion systems at interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, 4-10 May 2017. Both technologies offer independent movers and incredible multiple-motion-profile flexibility to deliver intelligent conveyor systems that can be modified within seconds. The featured intelligent motion systems can help improve productivity in manufacturing operations.

Traditional motion-control systems use chains, belts and gears. This mechanical design approach can require time-consuming retooling for changeovers. Intelligent motion systems, on the other hand, replace hardware with simple software profiles, so changeovers can occur at the press of a button. The systems use programmable independent carts on a straight or curved track to boost speeds by up to 30 percent over mechanical systems.

“Intelligent motion systems can speed up changeovers and result in fewer moving parts that can break down, and high-speed independent movers can boost throughput,” said Ulrich Arlt, European Product Manager, Rockwell Automation. “These systems can be scaled to support a wide range of applications, from moving and positioning products in-machine to transporting products between machines.”

The MagneMover LITE intelligent conveyor system is designed to quickly and efficiently move light loads. The system outperforms conventional belt-and-chain conveyors for in-machine and between-machine applications.

The iTRAK intelligent track system enables independent control of multiple, magnetically propelled movers on straight or curved paths. For end users, this can result in easier machine customisation, reduced mechanical complexity and increased performance.

These intelligent motion systems can be used in assembly, process, test and manufacturing applications in the medical device, assembly, automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging and optical industries. In addition to their performance and uptime benefits, the systems also can help end users reduce their energy usage and machine footprint size.

At interpack 2017, the iTRAK solutions will be on show at various stands:

Bradman Lake Ltd. (Hall 5/Stand G04): IMSL End Load Cartoner, which provides a fully integrated variable-pitch product infeed system. The iTRAK, in combination with a Linear Motion Loader (which side loads the cartons) negates the need for a traditional ‘barrel loader’, thus ensuring minimal product transfers.
CAMA (Hall 13/Stand C31): The new IF318 Robotised Monoblock Loading Unit features a host of innovative CAMA technologies for secondary packaging into carton/corrugated cartons, including features like cabinet-free technology, ergonomics and friendly use.
GeboCermex (Hall 13/Stand C47): CareSelect™, universal & modular Patent Pending shaped bottle infeed system, dividing the product friction time by 20 while allowing 1 minute changeover and speed up to 400 products/min.
OPTIMA packaging group GmbH (Hall 16/Stand F25-F26): Project ZERO, which perfectly adapts to the requirements with optimised format change time, a new stacker for feminine care products and a platform with a completely modular design. conts…
Tonejet (On the Rockwell Automation booth: Hall 6/Stand A61): ): A unique digital beverage can printing system, is able to move each can independently and at different speeds through the different operations, resulting in a highly efficient and scalable machine.
A MagneMotion Demo can be seen on the Rockwell Automation booth in Hall 6/Stand A61.


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