Installation Fittings


Installing temperature sensor assemblies into thermowells or directly into the process will normally require the use of brass or stainless steel fitting.

Fittings include various threaded couplings, bayonet caps (and adapters) and flanges.

Adjustable compression fittings are used directly on probes to achieve the required insertion length in the process and to ensure the proper seating of probes into thermowells.

Adjustable flanges can similarly be used to secure the sensor assembly into the process.

Bayonet caps provide a method of quick fitting into suitable adapters located in the process; this technique is widely used in plastics machinery.

Bushes and hexagon plugs are used when adjustment or removal is a lesser consideration. The choice of fitting may be dictated by the need for pressure integrity or by physical size constraints.

Compression fittings and threaded bushes can be supplied with tapered threads to achieve a pressure-tight connection.

Following major investment in CNC machinery, Labfacility can now offer an expanded range of components and installation fittings for sensor manufacture:

  • Compression fittings in brass & stainless steel
  • Olives & locknuts in brass & stainless steel
  • Plugs, nipples and reducers in brass & stainless steel
  • Bayonet caps, Adaptors & flanges in brass & stainless steel
  • Pot seals, stainless steel, plain & threaded
  • Thermopockets & swaged tips
  • Connector inserts
  • Nozzles & nozzle tips
  • Running (captive) nuts
  • PTFE ferrules (olives)
  • Melt bolts
  • Collars

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Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams.

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