Innovations in fuel distribution


Already established as a leading manufacturer of petroleum tanker fittings and the FloTech Overfill Prevention systems, Dixon now offers a full range of fuel distribution products for use in the downstream market including fuel terminal, fuel depots and skid units where safety, ease of use and efficiency are key factors. Products available from Dixon include the FT7000 electronic rack monitor designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN13922 and compatible with both 5 and 2 wire probes. The FT7000 provides clear and precise user diagnostics to inform the user as to the status of the overfill prevention system.

Also available is a fully customisable loading arm engineered for long life performance and ease of use in the field. Features include a unique counterbalance adjustment mechanism, colour coded TTMA extension for product identification and added safety factor by having a steel housing for the torsion spring.

Dixon’s new 5500 API coupler is an upgraded design of the popular 5300. This re-engineered product to incorporates new design features including new nose seals designed to withstand pressures up to 450 PSI, coiled stainless steel springs adding increased pressure on the nose seal to API adapter to prevent leakage, and a new two-piece handle ensuring operational continuity should the handle be sheared away.




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