IndySoft Takes Calibration Management to the Cloud with Latest Release for Manufacturing & Engineering 2018


Asset management is made easier with IndySoft’s latest release, Version 11.  With over 120 new features, performance enhancements, improved interface and a new cloud-based subscription model, IndySoft’s latest release is designed to meet the needs of a diverse array of businesses in the calibration, tooling and preventive maintenance arenas.

IndySoft – a leader in calibration and asset management software, announces a new release of IndySoft Version 11. Version 11 adds over 70 new features, a faster interface, Unicode and multi-lingual support, and uncertainty and tooling features included in every client license. With this, they also announced a simplified pricing structure with perpetual license, monthly cloud hosting and self-hosted subscription based options.

“We are very excited about our new cloud based option,” notes Chief Technology Officer, Rhett Price. “Our customers can have the same experience whether they are in a lab or on site on a mobile device. Another bonus is that they will always have access to the latest version. Upgrades for the latest enhancements, features and security updates can quickly and easily be pushed to all users on the system.” As long as you have an active support agreement, Version 11 is available to you for download free of charge.

Cloud-based software offers many advantages over on-premise software. Operational agility is frequently noted as a key driver of going to the cloud; flexibility to quickly and easily scale based on business needs is built in. Going to the cloud may also have financial benefits. Perpetual licenses require a lot of capital on the frontend, where cloud subscriptions provide cheaper monthly options and include support. Additionally, it allows businesses to focus on what they are in business to do. Because there is no on-premise hardware required and set-up and management is much simpler, an expensive IT department or outsourced IT services are not needed.

Now included as a part of the IndySoft product line is the formerly optional Uncertainty and Trend Analysis Modules. These functions have become a critical requirement for Enterprise and Commercial Lab customers provoking the integration into the product at no additional cost.

From the 1st ¼ of 2018 IndySoft will start shipping German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese versions of the software. With the new Version 11 release, customers can already begin performing their own translations of the IndySoft Client.

“IndySoft has long been known for our industry leading customization capabilities which makes every deployment feel like it was designed specifically for each company,” said Price. “Now, with the addition of Unicode and multi-lingual support we are prepared to offer a comprehensive solution for multi-national organizations with support personnel using any language.”


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