Industry 4.0-ready Infrared Camera System for Continuous Pilot Flame and Flare Stack Monitoring


As regulatory pressure to monitor flares increases, so does the need for dependable pilot and flare monitoring instrumentation.

Advanced Energy’s FlareSpection system is designed for applications requiring simultaneous remote, continuous and automatic monitoring of multiple pilot flames and/or multiple flares. The system’s optical design renders the industry’s best pilot flame and flare image quality by utilizing a high resolution 640 x 480-pixel thermal imaging camera. This enables the user to position the system up to 300m from the target while minimizing time-consuming false alarms.

In addition to the advanced hardware in a special ATEX-certified housing FlareSpection plant monitoring system is equipped with feature-rich system software bringing Industry 4.0 capabilities to flare monitoring with real-time reporting, data analysis and control for plant automation.


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