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IPFL highlights 3D printed “rubber” components

3D printing specialist and plastics fabrication pioneer, Industrial Plastic Fabrication Limited, returns to Southern Manufacturing to showcase its outstanding portfolio of advanced 3D printing and plastics manufacturing services. New for 2017, the firm will be highlighting the revolutionary Agilius30 3D print polymer, which can be used to create 3D printed parts with rubber-like qualities of flexibility and durability.

Agilus30 is the ideal choice for modelling parts that need to be fine-detailed and realistic but also durable enough to be used for design verification and testing, particularly where parts need to withstand repeated flexing and bending. Examples include functional parts such as living hinges, hoses, seals and gaskets, knobs, grips, pulls, and handles. Agilus30 has excellent heat resistance and can be combined with other materials to achieve specific Shore A hardness values, colours and textures for maximum versatility.

Alongside examples of parts created in the remarkable new Agilus30 material, IPF will offer examples of its expertise in many other 3D print technologies, including FDM, SLS and SLA, in a wide variety of materials such as Nylon 12. In-house 3D print capacity includes Stratasys Connex and Connex3, Eden350V, FDM Fortus, EOS SLS, and SLA , allowing the fast-turnaround of high-quality parts to demanding specifications. The firm says its latest SLA machines are capable of outstanding definition, even down to layers of 25 microns.

3D printing is just part of an impressive portfolio of services that includes plastic CNC machining, and milling, plastic fabrication, UV printing, diamond tip polishing, Perspex turning, and forming. Specialist services include diffusion bonding, a technique for the molecular bonding of machined acrylic components to create a flawless, void-free permanent joint without adhesives. The technique is used in applications such as the manufacturer of micro-fluidic medical manifolds, multi-layer manifolds, medical imaging devices and light guides. IPF says it aims to turn around diffusion bonded parts in as little as 3-4 weeks.


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