IDS is the first industrial camera manufacturer to offer the Sony sensor IMX662 in both colour and mono


The new uEye+ XCP and XLS cameras perform particularly well in low-light applications.

Compact, cost-effective and with exceptional image quality in low ambient light: IDS is the first industrial camera manufacturer to offer the 2 MP sensor IMX662 in both colour and monochrome versions. The sensors belonging to Sony’s Starvis 2 series are designed for maximum light sensitivity. They are now available either as compact uEye+ XCP models or as board-level versions in the uEye+ XLS series.

Both camera families are characterised by their compact design and are therefore suitable for embedded applications, for example. While uEye+ XCP models have a completely closed housing measuring 29 x 29 x 17 mm with a C-mount lens holder, the uEye+ XLS models measuring just 29 x 29 x 7 mm are available as board-level cameras with or without a C/CS- or S-mount lens holder. The new USB3 industrial cameras deliver particularly impressive results when used in low-light conditions.

In addition to the special, highly sensitive pixel technology, customers benefit from another distinctive characteristic, as Jürgen Hejna, Product Manager uEye at IDS, explains: “We offer this rolling shutter sensor with anti-reflection coating, which further improves the image quality.” Thanks to this feature, disruptive reflections – known as lens flare – are reduced or completely avoided within the camera.

In addition, the new models offer excellent value for money, as Jürgen Hejna explains: “Customers can get the new models for well under 200 euros list price.” The company plans to make the entire range of Sony Starvis 2 sensors available in different camera families in the future. This will provide customers with the greatest possible flexibility when selecting these light-sensitive sensors.


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