Hydro MicroScreen™ Launch Improves Process Efficiency and Reduces Operating Costs for Industrial Process Water Treatment


Hydro International is launching its low-energy, small footprint rotating belt screen, the Hydro MicroScreen™ for the UK Industrial sector. The Hydro MicroScreen™ can save operators up to 50% in power use and has only one tenth of the footprint of multi-stage pre-treatment.

Meeting water discharge regulations is critical for industrial organisations – the more suspended solids in your effluent, the more your costs for discharge / disposal. The Hydro MicroScreen™ can help operators minimise these costs by capturing residual material rather than flushing it into the sewer system. This material could then be sold, repurposed or re-used.

Energy costs are one of the biggest expenses in industrial wastewater treatment with plants often using multiple step pre-treatment process to reduce TSS, BOD and FOG before discharge. These processes are typically energy hungry and may also require significant plant space. Hydro MicroScreen™ provides energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional primary clarification technologies. Additionally, Hydro MicroScreen™ is a small, accessible unit that can be maintained quickly and easily – minimising maintenance costs and reducing costly system downtime.

With a range of screen mesh sizes, Hydro MicroScreen™ removes contaminants with exceptional effectiveness – reducing loading on downstream processes and improving overall treatment effectiveness. Capturing TSS, BOD, FOG and even particulate phosphorus right at the start of the treatment train, Hydro MicroScreen™ removes damaging pollutants early and makes it easier for plants to discharge environmentally compliant effluent.

Hydro MicroScreen™ is ideal for fine screening, primary clarification and dewatering primary-secondary sludge blends.

“The Hydro MicroScreen™ is already well proven in other parts of the world as an effective micro screening system for industrial process water. At a tannery facility in the United States, the Hydro MicroScreen™ has halved haulage and disposal costs by reducing the total solids volume and water content of waste material which needed to be transported to specialist waste processing facility. It’s easy to see that comparable savings could be possible for many other industrial process water applications” says Phil Collins, Hydro International, Sales Director Europe.


Hydro International will be operating a Hydro MicroScreen at their Ely site in July to demonstrate its screening capability. If you are interested in attending one of the demonstration days contact Hydro International on 01275 878371 or via enquiries@hydro-int.com, or register your interest online.


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