How the Internet of Things could revolutionise flood planning


REDHILL, UK: The potential for smart technology to minimise the risk of flooding will be one of the hot topics of an international meeting of experts in London in October.

Laurie Reynolds, managing director of water technology AquamatiX will explain to delegates how the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform the way water networks are managed.

He will be sharing his insights at a seminar at the Flood Expo, which will be held at the ExCel Centre in London on 14-15 October 2015.

Laurie Reynolds said: “The Internet of Things is a phenomenon which will revolutionise many aspects of our lives – but which has particularly exciting uses within the water industry.

“In the future flood risk could be dramatically reduced by marrying real-time, wireless sensors with models of the flood plain or drainage area. Real-time measurements can also be used to send early warning messages to citizens and communities who might be impacted by rising water levels and to anticipate and prevent flooding.”

A chartered engineer with 40 years experience, Reynolds founded AquamatiX in 2011 to pioneer the potential use of the IoT within the water industry.

He says: “Thanks to the development of low cost smart sensors it is now possible to create an intelligent water network which can anticipate weather changes, assess potential risks, allow real-time adjustments to be made to water networks and thereby reduce the danger of flooding.

“AquamatiX is delighted to be taking part in the Flood Expo at which some of the world’s leading experts will be sharing their knowledge of how disastrous and costly flooding can be averted.”

Flood Expo, which is being held in association with the Environment Agency is a free two-day event, which will showcase the latest flood prevention developments, bringing together some of the newest technology and most radical thinking from around the world. The conference is also CPD accredited.

Laurie Reynolds will be speaking in the Flood Tech Theatre at 11.45 on 15 October in a talk entitled: ‘Floods, fog and clouds: a smart approach to water level measurement in an Internet of Things.’

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