How cobots are revolutionising vision systems


At a price unrivalled by any other robot in its class, Acrovision are the sole UK distributor of the AUBO-i5 collaborative robot (cobot), from American/Chinese firm AUBO Robotics. The AUBO-i5 is an advanced, human friendly collaborative robot providing solutions for the small and medium manufacturing sectors. The AUBO-i5 cobot has a 5kg payload, 924mm reach and a high ±0.05mm position repeatability, it is extremely simple to install and commission and quick to configure.

Acrovision are an experienced integrator of industrial barcode reading and camera vision inspection systems and have expanded their automation solutions to include cobots. Acrovision can also provide the expertise required to easily integrate a vision system into the robot’s operation. They’re beginning to see that cobots are having quite the revolutionary effect on vision systems.

At the PPMA Show 2018, Acrovision will show how, more frequently, vision applications need item-handling to optimise the image acquisition process. Acrovision will demonstrate this break-through in using cobots with vision inspection systems.

Integrating cobots into vision applications is providing a safe and cost-effective solution in many instances, where the product handling is an issue or prohibitively expensive.

The key advantage of using cobots is that as well as being very easy to program, they are also inherently safe to allow them to work with and alongside humans, (subject to risk assessment). No longer the need for expensive safety guarding requirements.

Applications include providing the robot with x-y co-ordinates for ‘pick-and-place’, guiding the robot to a particular location, with the camera attached to it or using a single cobot with a single camera to carry out multiple tasks one after another.

With a high ±0.05mm position repeatability that makes it suitable for precision tasks, the AUBO-i5 is a lightweight (just 24kg), versatile, flexible, robot which has been designed with user friendly functions. The AUBO-i5 can be programmed to perform a diverse range of automatic handling activities, where the implementation of a low cost complete robot system provides an exceptionally quick Return on Investment.

The AUBO-i5 can easily be integrated into existing production systems and it is possible to re-purpose, re-deploy and or re-invent applications with the same robot.

The robot has a ‘Guide to teach’ function that enables quick and easy programming (no programming skills needed). The AUBO i5 design’s safety features include the power and force limiting protective stop – the robot arm stops if limits are exceeded or a collision is detected.

The AUBO-i5 will be joined later in the year by the AUBO-i10 and i3 – with 10kg and 3kg payloads respectively, offering even more flexibility in finding the right cobot for your application!

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