High-Speed Thermography in Additive Manufacturing  


In additive manufacturing, temperature is one of the factors on which the quality of the final product depends. Thermal imaging cameras record temperature developments and deviations in real time and enable rapid intervention in the ongoing process. 

Infrared cameras support the systematic monitoring of the entire manufacturing and machining process. In order to localise and detail thermal conspicuities in these processes, InfraTec infrared cameras support the determination and subsequent adherence to thermal process parameters by in-line monitoring. Infrared cameras can be integrated directly into the process control system to enable a non-contact and non-invasive temperature measurement. 

Here, the detection of the temperature distribution of the powder bed surface and the measurement of melting temperatures are relevant in most cases. Both can be realised for temperature ranges higher than 2,000 °C and while the laser is working (in-situ measurement). 

Close monitoring of machines, processing plants, materials and temperatures during the production and processing of additive parts is of fundamental importance for both industry and research. The mapping of heat flows in components is necessary for a complete understanding of the process and allows precise control of the temperature development in the parts and materials to be processed as well as exact thermal control of the process. An early detection of errors in production is therefore possible, rejects are actively avoided, and returns are minimised. 

Furthermore, process and cycle times can be significantly optimised and correlations between process parameters and (melting) temperatures can be derived. 

InfraTec cameras are available in the UK and Ireland through Quantum Design UKI www.qd-uki.co.uk/ 


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