High Speed Laser Marker Launch: Designed with Engineers and Manufacturers in Mind


Available in the UK for the first time at the South East Showroom, Trotec Laser is proud to present its largest high speed galvo laser, the SpeedMarker 1300.

Designed to meet the needs of engineers and manufacturers, this fiber laser marker features a large access door, with the ability to process items up to 1250 mm wide, particularly suited to machining and automotive parts.  Create durable marks that last the part’s lifetime.

Process metal, plastic, films and foils on this 50 watt large format galvo. The SpeedMarker 1300 is the perfect tool for marking bulky items and high volume small parts. Legibly mark as small as 1pt with permanent results and if required, without changing the structure of the material through annealing, a particular vantage point when marking medical instruments where bacteria can collect in etch marks. The intelligent SpeedMark software has the ability to automatically generate serial numbers, barcodes and data matrix codes as well as the option to interface with external databases. Further optimise the production process with the programmable, electrical door, customisable user interfaces and a materials database for managing marking parameters.

Increase the range of products you are able to mark with an optional rotary unit, available with a selection of chucks for engraving and marking circular or conical objects such as rings or tubes.

A Trotec laser can be tailor made to meet your requirements. The housing of a SpeedMarker system can be fitted with a pass-through hatch and removable side covers on request, making it possible to mark larger and bulkier work pieces. Additionally, extend the laser with optional conveyor belts or rotary tables.

Key features include

  • Working area of 1120 x 635 mm
  • Process parts up to 1250 mm wide
  • Marking speed of up to 640 cps
  • Optional integration into current manufacturing line
  • Communicates with SAP and current databases
  • Automatic generation of data matrix codes and barcodes
  • Vary the size of the marking field with additional lenses
  • Programme the electrical door to optimise production

Is the SpeedMarker 1300 too large for your requirements? Trotec Laser now offer a dedicated galvo marking demonstration area in our South East laser showroom in Guildford, Surrey. Join expert area manager, Andy Campling who can recommend a laser machine which best suits your requirements. Offering high performance galvos with the ability to mark up to 900 characters per second, find out how a Trotec Laser can make your business more profitable.

To be one of the first in the UK to receive a demonstration on this impressive laser marker call 0191 417 4505 or email sales@troteclaser.co.uk

Visit www.troteclaser.co.uk or www.trotec-marking.co.uk for further information


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