Linx Printing Technologies has expanded its portfolio of laser coders with the introduction of a new top-of-the-range CO2 steered beam model.

The Linx SLHP (Scribing Laser High Performance) produces superior quality codes at some of the fastest speeds currently available on the market – for example, in excess of 70,000 bottles per hour on a high speed bottling line. Its ability to produce complicated codes, such as GS1 which can include a 2D data matrix code, is especially suitable for pharmaceutical coding requirements.

The speed and power of the 120W laser mean there is a shorter dwell time on the product, reducing the chance of outside interference during the coding process to deliver the highest quality codes without errors. In addition, the combination of speed and power can create highly complex codes that are also permanent, making the coder ideal for anti-counterfeiting measures for high value goods, and to meet strict traceability requirements.

The Linx SLHP can operate over multiple lines, coding onto many different materials such as glass, PET, PVC and other plastics, rubber extrusions, painted surfaces, printed card, film and label, and tobacco products. This gives it the versatility to code a wide variety of information, including date, time, production details and legislative text, barcodes and logos, for both static and moving applications. End markets include premium alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, FMCG, cosmetics and perfumes, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, building products and cabling.

Efficient use of the laser power prolongs the laser tube life, making this proven platform a long-term reliable coding option.

Equally important, the Linx SLHP has no consumables, with cooling of the coder achieved by a blower unit rather than by water cooling or factory air, which reduces operating costs.

The simple-to-use integral keyboard and display, featuring three level password protection, provides ease of set up and operation. The software includes several languages as standard, making the Linx SLHP ideal for global exporters.

With the arrival of the Linx SLHP, Linx now offers one of the widest ranges of laser coders, from entry level to high specification models, enabling the company to tailor solutions to individual customer needs.

“We believe the Linx SLHP is in a league of its own, thanks to its ability to deliver excellent quality codes – especially suitable for high value goods – at the fastest speeds,” comments Matt Eastham, Laser Product Manager at Linx Printing Technologies.

“Its flexibility means it is the perfect choice for many different applications, in particular where lines are operating round the clock and where there is a high volume output. And its speed and versatility also make it future proof, allowing companies to diversify or expand their coding requirements without further investment.”


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