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Eland Cables talks to MEPCA about quality and compliance, and why they are key when choosing the right cable supplier for your project.

Eland Cables believes that quality is something that permeates throughout a business.

“Eland Cables has established an excellent record for delivering quality cables and accessories, expert technical support, and first-class customer experience. As a business, we are committed to working closely with our customers, with our complete cable solutions drawing upon our cable expertise, industry experience, and a genuine desire to deliver results,” explains Jean-Sébastien Pelland, Director of Eland Cables.

Quality is in an organisation’s interactions and attitude. Customers see it in the little things: having full tech specs at their fingertips thanks to a website, or a friendly (and knowledgeable) voice at the end of the phone. But it’s an ethos that runs deeper and underpins all commercial activities.

But isn’t every cable supplier claiming the same excellent service and products: with quality assured cables, confirmed regulatory compliance, and global logistics against complex delivery schedules?

So, what else makes a great cable supplier?

Jean-Sébastien Pelland, Director of Eland Cables

Independently tested

While you’d expect that cable would be manufactured to meet relevant standards, importantly, this should be demonstrably so. As part of their ongoing commitment to quality and compliance, Eland Cables has established The Cable Lab®, an industry-leading specialist cable testing facility.

Cables are tested in this ISO17025 UKAS-accredited UK lab as part of the company’s QA protocols, to confirm the product’s quality and compliance. With a raft of cable legislation and a huge number of standards that every cable must meet, unless you’re a cable expert would you know what to look for and how to assess it?


Establishing a new benchmark

Taking Quality Assurance a step further, and as part of their ongoing commitment to continue to drive quality standards across the industry, Eland Cables has worked closely with BSI to develop what the standards body are calling a new benchmark in cable compliance. The BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark® is applied to selected ranges with compliance determined after testing the component layers in every core and size configuration, from each manufacturing run. Even for cables such as European control (SY, CY, YY) and other industrial automation cables that are not bound by an umbrella standard, the components – the conductor, the insulation and different constructional layers – are themselves bound by British and European standards and can demonstrate their performance against safety standards. This testing regime and the globally-recognised Kitemark that is applied upon meeting these standards gives comfort that they will perform as designed.

Launched in Spring 2018, Veriflex® is Eland Cables’ own range of cables for the automation and control market, all carrying the Cable Batch Verification Kitemark. The range of BSI Kitemark tested cables is expanding all the time to aid customers and provide extra peace of mind across a variety of applications and industries, and Eland Cables already offers large-scale projects the option to have all cables Kitemark tested for additional due diligence.

Expert technical support

“Real quality comes in having the expertise of good technical and project management teams in your corner. Technical experts who provide advice on cable selection decisions, providing answers and practical, compliant solutions to complex requirements from the specification stage through to completion,” explained Jean-Sébastien when asked how he thought the business makes a difference. “In many cases, it’s as straightforward as ensuring you have the right cables delivered to the right site at the right time, but we can go beyond that when needed. From the training we give our sales team (including NICEIC City & Guilds courses on BS7671 Wiring Regulations) to access to industry experts and a technical hotline, it means you have the answers you need with just a call.”

Once you have decided on the cable you need it can then be cut-to-length and calibrated to ensure seamless connection with the glands, connectors and terminals. This end-to-end service reduces the risk of lost time trying to make the cables fit at the point of install. Additional services may also include solutions and cost savings such as cable harnessing and pre-terminated lengths – all of which Elland Cables believes further demonstrate a commitment to quality and exceptional customer service.

Marginal gains

“We all know that project demands can be fluid, and change rapidly. We offer a team that can accommodate even those last minute, unprecedented requests. For example, the team can create and access local project-specific hubs to ensure same-day despatch and delivery of cables for urgent requirements. You want a supplier that does whatever it can to take the pressure off you and keep the timelines on track” concluded Jean-Sébastien.

We have all heard much in recent years of marginal gains, often used in the sporting world this approach holds true in business. Every incremental benefit, every extra efficiency and innovative solution helps underpin a supplier-customer relationship, builds all-important trust and creates a win-win situation for all.

It comes down to trust: trusted cables, trusted technical advice, and a trusted team. Quality shows in all aspects of cable supply when a trusted relationship underpins it.

Eland Cables work hard to demonstrate they are the trusted partner for any cabling project.



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