Harrogate Firm Offers Finance Option to UK Businesses Needing Fume Extraction System


BenchVent (Widespread Solution ltd) today announced it is offering finance options to UK companies needing fume extraction system to meet CoSHH regulations.

It’s a regulatory requirement for companies to ensure adequate control of toxic fumes and dust within the workplace. Failure to do so can mean a hefty fine. So having a fume extraction system isn’t optional for businesses working with solvents, fumes and dust. But for most companies, even those turning over millions of pounds a year, installing a new fume extraction system is a large financial decision. With some systems costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, the purchase can dramatically affects cash flow.

To address this problem BenchVent has teamed up with Kennet Equipment Leasing Ltd to offer competitive finance option. Now business customers can opt to lease BenchVent fume extraction systems for up to 5 years with an option to buy at the end of the lease. The finance option also includes extraction systems from other manufacturers that BenchVent stocks.

‘By offering finance option, we’re giving our customers the ability to install the necessary extraction system to meet the CoSHH legal requirement and protect their employees without the big cash outlay. This will allow them to preserve their working capital to use on building their business. The lease option also offers tax benefits for businesses as each lease payment can be offset fully against pre-tax profit,’ explains Mike O’Hara, Managing Direct of BenchVent. Finance option is available on orders worth £500 or more, without maximum limit.

BenchVent, trading name for Widespread Solutions Ltd, is a Harrogate based company that has been manufacturing filtration systems since 1984, and is the first company to introduce SolarEx, a range of filtration units into the beauty industry. Today, SolarEx is a market leader in the airbrush spray tanning sector.



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