Handling small parts the easy way


Whether it be consumer goods, medical technology or 3D printing: Countless small parts need to be moved precisely and cost-effectively. This is now much easier.

Handling small parts is found in a wide range of sectors, including the consumer goods and packaging industry, semiconductor and battery production, 3D printing, the automotive sector, medical technology and mechanical engineering.

Many of these applications require a high repeatability of up to ±0.005mm with low to medium dynamics. And if the design is compact, robust and requires little maintenance – all the better. The new SMS linear modules from Bosch Rexroth meet exactly these requirements and help to reduce system and life cycle costs. They also welcome an alternative to pneumatically driven axes and provide a good opportunity for electrification with all of the associated benefits.

The compact SMS (Small Modules Screw driven) modules with ball screw assembly are manufactured to the usual Rexroth quality standards and impress with their flat aluminium profile, offering integrated, precise guidance. In addition, a magnetically fixed steel cover strip protects the components inside.

To ensure the shortest possible delivery times, the SMS linear modules can be ordered from stock. The five tailored sizes range from 30 to 120mm and are suitable for travel ranges of up to 1,200mm. They can be selected and ordered easily from the Rexroth online shop with the help of a product selector. Optional attachment sets for popular servo motors are available as a belt side drive or a flange coupling. Naturally, a choice of motors and drive controllers from Bosch Rexroth is available too.

The SMS linear modules expand the range of linear axes, adding an ultra-compact series with a particularly flat design offering excellent value for money. Simple positioning and delivery tasks can thus be carried out economically – and at short notice. This opens up an attractive electrification path for greater precision, flexibility and energy efficiency in production – two key qualities in the factory of the future.



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