Goss Springs – the hidden essential component in so many everyday applications


Applications for micro-switches exist in literally thousands of industrial and household applications.

Goss Springs has for many years been a leading manufacturer of miniature springs which serve as a key component in the actuation of electro-mechanical micro-switches. Often known as “snap action switches” a small tension spring will hold the micro-switch in its normally closed or open position until the switch is actuated. Burgess Microswitches, now part of the Johnson Electric Group, was for many years the leading brand of UK micro-switches and still today Goss is the key supplier of miniature springs to the Group.


The hidden component making our lives safe

We often take the operation of household devices for granted but consider for a moment the vast number of applications even in the household that depend upon the components in a micro-switch operating repeatedly.

Burglar alarms and fire alarms are triggered by micro-switches, as are the numerous on/off actuators in appliances in the kitchen and bathroom.

Spring design for long safe life

In these applications the equipment manufacturer expects the spring to provide continuous trouble free actuation throughout the life of the product.

Long life expectancy is a must –choice of material crucial

The type of application that the spring is to be used in will of course determine life expectancy, performance requirement and, depending on what the life expectancy might be, the type of material used. As a general rule of thumb says Nick Goss, “the more expensive the material we use, the longer the life of the component”. Chrome silicon is one of the best materials used in high performance high cycle applications. On the other hand for applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions a material such as Inconel provides excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion. When heated, Inconel forms a thick, stable, oxide layer protecting the surface from further attack.

Must perform, even with extremely low duty cycle

At the other end of the duty scale a micro-switch might be deployed in an appliance where it is actuated only very infrequently. An override trip switch for example where the spring will be held for long periods of time in a compressed state and in such cases a high tensile spring or stainless steel will be selected.

Let Goss advise you with confidence

Whatever your requirement for a wire drawn spring, press part or multislide tooling let Nick and Dan Goss and their team of experts advise you on the optimum solution for your application.




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