Goss Springs and The Military


Nick and Dan Goss are the first to acknowledge that they run “a tight ship” in the sense that the design and manufacturing processes are rigidly documented and controlled and subject to check after check in order to be sure that the product delivered meets the customer requirement.

Goss Springs and the military go back a long way. Rigorous attention to detail, a disciplined approach to the design and manufacturing process all make Goss Springs and high tech military and aerospace applications perfect partners.

Consider the demands of a specialist military or aerospace application. Here it is quite likely that the product has to work once only, but be absolutely sure that it will work, even though it has been dormant for a long period of use before operation . It is a sobering thought, but there are many instances where a life really does rely on the dependability of Goss Springs.

The point being illustrated here is that Goss Springs are quite unique in their capability of designing and manufacturing a wide range of highly engineered pressed or wired components for virtually any application. The manufacturing capability at Goss Springs is highly vertically integrated which means that they are able to control the integrity of design/prototyping/production test measurement and quality processes in house.


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