Golfers learn to make the perfect putt with the help of MiniTec!


The modular aluminium profile system from MiniTec is a tried and tested system often used in machine building systems designed to improve the workflow and handling of product in manufacturing operations.

MiniTec applications know virtually no limits and in this case study we will look at how the profile system is helping golfers achieve putting perfection. MiniTec has collaborated with Zen, a British golf equipment innovator, to design and manufacture the framing and components for a unique artificial putting platform.

The Concept

Zen’s latest version of the putting platform now incorporates the MiniTec profile system and corner connects which have helped to provide increased stiffness and reduced weight of the 4.8 m long x 1.8 m wide structure.

The structure uses 45 mm x 135 mm profile rails with twin beams running the length of the structure and cross members connected with flexible angle brackets. This design allows for a certain amount of vertical flexure whilst maintaining high rigidity and stiffness in the horizontal plane.

Cost saving logistics and re-useability

The lightweight, durable MiniTec system which is simple to assemble and disassemble without the need for special tools is a real benefit to the need for Zen to be able to assemble the platforms local to the installation. An equally important consideration was that Zen had concerns that their global sales of the platform may be hindered if a suitable “global” framing supplier could not be found. This was happily solved after discussions with MiniTec who have a global manufacturing, sales and distribution network stretching over five continents. This tried and tested support network led Zen’s Andy McCague to comment: “We looked into aluminium profiles to replace the prototype materials for our market-ready range of putting greens. MiniTec was the only system that had the size and strength that fitted our requirements and allowed us the ability to offer our product all over the world by shipping heavy parts from local divisions without increasing our costs. The support service and rapid attendance we received from MiniTec during the proving stage was also essential which enabled us to meet delivery ahead of our program”.

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