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The new DX1063 multifunction display module from ifm electronic provides a simple and effective way of displaying key data locally on a machine or process plant, making it much easier for operators to keep an eye on status when they’re away from the main operating position. To maximise its versatility, the DX1063 is compatible with most commonly used analogue input signal types. It incorporates a high-resolution TFT display that offers a wide range of colour and digital labelling options.

Measuring 48mm high x 109mm wide and just 42mm deep, the DX1063 is large enough for essential data to be read from a considerable distance but small enough to be accommodated in almost any control panel. It detects and converts voltage, current, frequency, pulse counter and thermocouple inputs, displaying the results directly in units specified by the user. The unit is also shown, along with the signal name and location tag, so that the meaning of the displayed value is always readily apparent.

To further increase the usefulness of the DX1063, the display’s background colour can be altered according to the value of the input signal. This means, for example, that a green background could be programmed for a signal in the normal range and red for an alarm condition. The DX1063 also has two relay outputs that the user can configure to pass alarm signals to the plant control or supervisory systems.



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