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Riveting technology specialist, GESIPA, looks at the advantages setting process monitoring can bring to a wide range of applications.

Advancements in materials and Industry 4.0 are challenging joining technology in various industries. Requirements driving change are the control of the setting processes and full automation and integration of the technology into OEM operations.

For more than 20 years GESIPA has been able to monitor setting processes that are carried out on safety critical components. Over the years, the company has developed technology to such an extent that it is now able to guarantee that the right blind rivet, rivet nut and nut studs are placed in the right place and in the right quantity for vital applications.   

If an irregularity is detected, the process is immediately stopped. Only after the customer has acknowledged the malfunction can the process continue – making human error more or less impossible.

The monitoring of a setting process already plays a major part in many industrial production processes, especially in the automotive sector. The production and installation of airbags, belt restraint systems and child seats have been monitored successfully and efficiently for years.

GESIPA points out that setting process monitoring is a good business investment. Decreasing sorting, liability insurance and return costs clearly demonstrates cost-efficiencies which can be achieved by the process control mechanism. To add to that any errors relating to quality are completely prevented.

The company’s systems can be tailored to meet customer needs and applications, both in terms of a system’s size and function. Plus, they can be used on a stand-alone basis or be integrated into an already existing production line.

Many GESIPA setting tools including GAV, TAURUS and FireFox series are available with setting process monitoring – helping guarantee precision and safety from the very first production step through to the finished product.

GESIPA’s  process control tooling for setting blind rivets , rivet nuts and rivet nut studs is now advanced with new three-window measuring technology that helps operators monitor the setting process at three evaluation windows. The company’s TAURUS C and FireFox C WinTech, the pneumatic hydraulic blind riveting, rivet nut and nut stud setting tools, help operators monitor the setting process on production lines. This gives the operator the confidence of not having to visually check every blind rivet or rivet nut set.

By using new three-window measuring technology, the user can define three evaluation windows by means of special software.

With benefits of reduced time and labour costs, processes can be speeded up giving users considerable long-term cost saving benefits.

Using TAURUS C and FireFox C WinTech as a setting tool provides users high process safety, the ability to document each individual setting process, less scrap as errors can be immediately identified, an option to integrate with the customers own PLC system alongside the GESIPA interface and takes the onus away from the operator.



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