From Chocolate to Toothpaste


From rotating chocolate moulds to filling toothpaste, Hygienic Swivel Joints are used allow pipe work to rotate when needed.

Rotary Milking Parlours require services such as water and air as well as milk to be conveyed through a central rotating axis whilst the cows, or goats, are processed. In some systems the animals decide when they want to be milked, they arrive at the parlour, feed and lactate as they are carried slowly around the carrousel.

Swivel Joints relieve torsion in hoses when loading tankers. A single Hygienic Swivel Joint can be used in a simple swinging arm to help fill various hoppers. The Arm can easily be swung out of the way to aid placement of the hopper or container.

High temperature versions flow hot cooking oil in frying systems and steam in pressure cooking or sterilising applications.

Hygienic swivels can be supplied with radiused external surfaces to aid with wash down and minimise the potential dirt traps. Seal cavities are minimised and purge ports can be integrated to help clean the seal cavity. Swivels can be cleaned with standard caustic or high temperature systems.

Swivel Joints are used in sprinkler systems, for example in the beer processing industry.

And then at the other end of the system in waste processing.


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