FORTEC United Kingdom Presents the E-Paper Display Series: Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient


FORTEC United Kingdom is pleased to introduce Litemax E-Paper Display Series, a revolutionary range of eco-friendly, energy-efficient displays designed for transportation, and a multitude of applications. This series includes both monochrome and full-colour options, each tailored to meet specific visual and operational needs.

Monochrome E-Paper Displays: Clarity and Efficiency

The monochrome displays in the E-Paper Series, such as the ELD4202-E, are designed for environments where clear, concise information delivery is key. These displays, available in sizes 13.3″, 42″, and 32″.

Key Features:

Superior Readability: With high resolution and bi-stable reflective technology, these displays ensure excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight.

Energy Efficiency: Monochrome e-Paper displays are incredibly power-efficient, with the ELD4202-E consuming a maximum of 13.5W during updates and as low as 0.6W in standby.

Wide Operational Range: These displays are robust, functioning efficiently in a wide temperature range, making them suitable for diverse environments.

Full-Colour E-Paper Displays: Vibrant and Versatile

Full-colour options, like the ELD2539-E and ELD2809-E, bring vibrancy and dynamic visuals to the offering.

Key features include:

Vivid Colour Display: These displays are perfect for capturing attention and enhancing user engagement, for indoor use.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption: In line with the series’ eco-friendly ethos, these colour displays are also energy-efficient, with the ELD2539-E using just 8W at peak and 0.1W in standby.

High Resolution: With resolutions like 1800 x 3200, the colour displays provide sharp, clear images, essential for detailed content.

Sustainability at the Core

Central to the E-Paper Display Series is the commitment to sustainability. Both monochrome and colour displays boast ultra-low power consumption, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. This makes the series not just a technological advancement but also a step towards a more sustainable future.

To view the ELD2539-E in demonstration click here


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