Piezo sensors are the most widely used technology for force measurement.  This principle of measurement, which has been in use since the 1940s, is now widely classed as a sophisticated technology with outstanding, inherent reliability which has been successfully used in numerous critical fields of application.

Particularly suitable for applications which involve requirements such as, confined space, measurement of small forces with high initial load, a wide measurement range, measurement at very high temperatures, extreme overload stability and high dynamics, piezoelectric sensors offer many advantages to sensors based on strain gauges, and providing the required calibration has been made, a single sensor can be used in different force ranges.

The fact that they have already been pre-stressed and calibrated in two measuring ranges – and thus can be used immediately – was an attractive feature for IEF Werner when it was approached by a customer to develop a single press that enabled two process steps to be performed at high accuracy.    Moreover, this solution had to be large enough to meet the requirements of future orders which would be likely to involve even higher force.  By incorporating perfectly matched components from the HBM PACEline range, IEF Werner was able to meet this requirement with a machine from its aiPRESS Servo Press Series.  In order to ensure accurate measurement through parameter switching in the sensor, IEF Warner specified the CFT/25kN piezoelectric force transducer from HBM.

Connected to a CMD 600 charge amplifier from HBM, with particularly noise free cables, CMD 600 has two programmable parameter sets, an extremely high bandwidth, as well as a very low drift, all of which are optimal prerequisites for use in demanding measurement tasks, such as those required by IER Werner

CFT force transducers are based on piezo technology and reliably measure compressive force from 5 kN to 120 kN as well as very small forces under high initial loads. CFT force transducers are extremely robust and ideally suited for highly dynamic applications such as pressing processes. Compared to other sensor technologies, they save a lot of space due to their compact design.

Featuring Gallium Phosphate crystal in the core of the CFT sensor, with 25kN capacity, the advantage of this material means that it achieves twice the sensor sensitivity than the frequently used quartz.  Drift and noise are also kept to a minimum, which significantly increases the useable measurement range.

The PACEline range from HBM offers a series of products used in force and strain measurement technology, based on the piezoelectric effect.  Suitable for a variety of applications in test engineering, assembly monitoring, function testing or test bench engineering, when it comes to deciding which force sensor is the right one for your application, HBM offers a range of informative webinars to help you decide, such as “Strain Gauge Load Cells or Piezo Force Sensors: When to use which technology?”

These short but informative webinars are free of charge and have been designed to fit in with challenging time constraints, which can often make attending training courses difficult. Open to anyone, regardless of experience, HBM webinars can be easily accessed.


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