The importance of high quality clean compressed in the manufacture of food’

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES can now measure compressed air to ISO 8573-1 class 1 of the ISO standards. This is extremely important for industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive and many more.

When dealing with food, hygiene is the main requirement to guarantee the quality of finished products. During production, the pneumatic processes and the transport of substances require compressed air of absolute purity. For packaging, clean compressed air is indispensable for cleaning, for example when using compressed air to clean plastic bottles or containers. Our process technology provides for the tailor-made treatment of compressed air via the discharge of condensate, filtration and drying.

The quality of compressed air is as before defined by ISO 8573-1 (2010) where levels of particles, water content and total remaining oil content i.e. liquid, aerosol and vapour are specified. For the user there are 2 categories of compressed air usage; direct contact and indirect contact. Direct contact is where there is direct impingement onto the product, ingredients or packaging. Indirect is the situation where pneumatic equipment is present and the exhausted compressed air from cylinders, actuators etc are present in the production or packaging areas

Companies try to overcome considerable challenges during production: when the safety of products and processes depends on the quality of compressed air. It is necessary to guarantee treatment at the highest level and to establish air quality that is compliant with ISO 8573-1: 2010. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES not only produce systems for the treatment of compressed air but also offers a wide range of measuring instruments that monitor and record data; this guarantees visible and certified safety of compressed air quality.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offer a service that enables you to measure all the parameters in real time, without having to purchase all the instrumentation necessary to measure air quality to the ISO 8573 standards. All of the measuring instruments used during the service are subject to a regular annual calibration to guarantee the efficiency and reliability of the measurements.


Measurement of the quality of compressed air according to ISO 8573:

Solid particulate – residual humidity – residual oil (including vapour)

The high precision of the PC 400 particle counter measures at 0.1, 0.5, and 1 micron particle sizes and is therefore ideal for monitoring the quality of compressed air to class 1 (ISO 8573).

Our Pressure dew point meter shows temperature, relative humidity and pressure dew point capable of reading down to -100c pdp which is also well below the class 1 for moisture of -70c. Not just for compressed air but also for other gases.

For oil, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES have a solution which will constantly measure the remaining oil vapour content in compressed air and as above store data and relay in which manner is preferred. The METPOINT The METPOINT® OCV with TÜV certification meets the measurement requirements for residual oil vapour and hydrocarbons according to the ISO 8573.1 standard for classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. METPOINT® OCV makes the purity of your compressed air visible. The METPOINT OCV is installed in an increasing number of Food and Beverage companies because commonly used technologies are only able to measure to Class 2 for oil and therefore provide part of the compressed air solution. METPOINT OCV will go down to 0.003mg/m³.

There is a requirement for logging data and setting frequency of measurement and again here the process or equipment used should define actions or the guideline of 2 measurements per year followed. Today it is very easy to constantly monitor all the key parameters in a compressed air system and BEKO TECHNOLOGIES have a device METPOINT BDL which will monitor 12 analogue or digital inputs which could cover the guidelines. Data is available in many formats from connection to BMS to SMS to selected phones plus many other options.

Our products can test and validate compressed air quality to the highest standards.


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