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At the 2023 PPMA Show, packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier Adelphi will be showing products from its extensive range of automatic filling machines, benchtop fillers, monobloc fillers, IBC mixers and more.

Visitors to stand D92 at the 2023 PPMA Show will be able to talk to experts from the Adelphi Group and see products, including the company’s automatic filling machine with the new quick strip feature. This filling machine is a well-established and successful concept, with a track record of supplying over 1,000 units worldwide. Quick-release nozzles enable seamless and tool-less transitions between different containers and products. A range of cylinder choices are available, allowing users to select the ideal capacity for specific applications. Whether it’s 1, 3, 5 or 6l, users have the flexibility to match a product’s volume accurately.

The machine offers versatility with the ability to adjust fill speeds as needed during the filling cycle. This dynamic feature ensures optimal precision and efficiency, accommodating various product viscosities and container sizes seamlessly. The system includes ‘no container, no fill’ sensing technology, minimising wastage and streamlining production processes with effortless precision.

And for hassle-free maintenance, the system offers an optional flushing circuit. This feature allows for efficient in-place cleaning, optimising downtime and ensuring a hygienic production environment.

Also on display will be the company’s Response benchtop filler. This device offers industry-leading accuracy of +/-0.25% (compared to the industry average of +/-1%), significantly reduces waste and enhances filling reliability.

A fast production rate of 20-40 bottles per minute is achievable, equating to an impressive average of 15,000 containers within an 8-hour shift. With fill volumes ranging from 3ml to 1l, catering to a diverse range of product requirements.

In just three minutes, the filler can be stripped down for thorough cleaning, minimising production downtime when switching between products and containers.

The Response benchtop filler is designed to cater to complete product ranges, offering interchangeable nozzles to handle various viscosities such as essential oils, reed diffusers, candles, and more.

It is available in both single and twin-head configurations, providing versatility to cater to different production needs.

Monobloc filler

Visitors looking for a bespoke production line will be able to see an example of Adelphi’s Response monobloc filler, which is able to fill from 5ml up to 1000ml, fill and cap 15-25 containers per minute and has a filling accuracy of up to +/-0.25%.

The Monobloc can incorporate various elements to give a complete turnkey packaging line, including an in-feed table, bottle blower, filler, automatic cap placement, capper, labeller and collection table.

Also on the stand will be a new IBC mixer from Pharma Hygiene. Specifically crafted for use on Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with a 150mm screw cap and sturdy metal outer frame, this versatile mixing solution is ideal for liquid-to-liquid, oil-to-oil, and powder-to-liquid mixing, as well as maintaining consistent product blending during storage. An exceptional average finish of 0.5 micrometres Ra is possible, ensuring a flawless surface without any pits or crevices.

The mixer is equipped with a variable speed drive, offering speed adjustment from 420rpm to 1400rpm, enabling adaptability to various mixing needs.

It has been designed for products with a viscosity of up to 700 CPS (mPas), ensuring suitability for a wide range of applications and attaches to standard 1000l IBCs using ‘kill-switched’ toggle clamps, enhancing safety.

The mixer is powered by a .37kw motor with a variable speed drive, ensuring reliable and controlled mixing performance and has been constructed from durable 304-grade stainless steel, incorporating 316L pharmaceutical-grade wetted parts to prevent any risk of product contamination.


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