Fieldcode Launches New FMA, Revolutionizing Field Service Management


Fieldcode, an innovator in smart field service management (FSM) software, is proud to unveil the latest release of its highly anticipated Fieldcode Mobile App (FMA). Specifically designed for field service engineers, this powerful tool enhances daily work management, providing extra efficiency and convenience.

The FMA empowers engineers and technicians to access their ticket data, record and report work on-site, and stay updated on scheduled events. It provides crucial information such as schedule details, customer information, communication details, part delivery updates, and route information on an interactive map tailored for engineers/technicians.

The FMA, in contrast to its predecessor, embodies a future-proof design, delivering heightened flexibility, smarter experiences, and improved usability. It introduces a host of new functionalities, along with expanded notification options for enhanced communication, a revamped spare parts management system for greater efficiency, and significant performance improvements ensuring seamless operations. Engineers can even pre-validate tickets, simplifying the ticket organization process.

The Fieldcode Mobile App is available for Android, iOS and iPad, offering users the flexibility to manage tasks and projects seamlessly across their preferred devices.

New Functionalities of the FMA

Support for custom workflows and forms:
Experience a level of guidance and customization like never before with an exclusive FMA feature. Unlike typical tutorials or checklists, this feature provides a unique guided approach which ensures that technicians follow each step of the ticket, part, or PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) appointment process meticulously. It provides relevant information precisely when needed, guaranteeing tasks are completed in the right order before moving on to the next.

The FMA empowers teams with unparalleled customization capabilities. You can tailor the workflow steps technicians follow when working on a ticket, part, or PUDO appointment. This means that not only the ticket delivery but also the handling of parts and scheduling of PUDO appointments can be adjusted to align with customer preferences. Additionally, you can define relevant questions for precise data collection and customize reporting forms, providing unparalleled flexibility, and efficiency and avoiding double labor efforts or errors.

Additionally, for engineers who prefer a larger screen, an iPad version of the app is available. This version allows engineers to conveniently view and work with ticket data on a bigger display, enhancing overall usability and user experience.

PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) Appointments:
One of the most groundbreaking features of the FMA is the introduction of Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) Appointments. This innovation is designed to revolutionize field service logistics, ensuring engineers can pick up necessary parts at the most convenient times and locations. By utilizing cutting-edge scheduling and optimization tools, the best routes are determined together with customer preferences, and part pickups are scheduled accordingly. This not only enhances the efficiency of technicians’ schedules but also minimizes unnecessary travel time. Dispatchers receive live updates on PUDO appointments, providing real-time visibility into the progress of operations.

This unique feature sets Fieldcode apart from its competitors, offering a level of convenience and time-saving efficiency that is unmatched in the industry. With the ability to manage multiple tickets’ part pickups during a single PUDO appointment, engineers can streamline their daily operations like never before.

On-device appointment archive:
Technicians can access past appointments directly on their devices. This on­ device archive offers quick and convenient reference, eliminating the need for extensive searches and enhancing overall task management.

New My Day menu for streamlined task management:
Designed to provide a consolidated view of daily tasks and priorities. Assisting in managing a technician’s schedule and time allocation for optimal productivity.

Matthias Luebko, CEO of Fieldcode, stated, “The FMA is a testament to our commitment to driving efficiency in field service management. With its host of new features and improvements, it represents a significant leap forward in empowering our users for even greater productivity.”

About Fieldcode:
Fieldcode is a smart field service management (FSM) software provider that leverages 20 years of global field service expertise. The software streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency all in one seamless experience. Unlike traditional licensing models, its license-free, unique pay-per-event model significantly reduces cost. Moreover, the company’s software per se combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to support customers’ CO2 reduction goals and promote a positive impact on the environment.


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