FANUC unveils arc welding robot with long reach: the ARC Mate-100iC/8L


FANUC, a leading global provider of factory automation and robotics, has launched the ARC Mate-100iA/8L: the latest addition to its arc welding range.

The ARC Mate-100iC/8L has a wide reach of over two metres and a wrist payload of up to 8 kg for large work pieces and heavy duty welding, optimising motion for arc welding and increasing cost efficiency. The robot is equipped with the latest servo motors and control technologies, providing vibration-free positioning, fast axes speeds and accelerations to improve cycle time and product quality.

The robot is slim and lightweight, with a hollow wrist allowing for integrated gas, power and torch cables to be routed inside the arm. This design feature provides complete freedom of movement, avoiding cable interference, wear and tear, and reducing maintenance costs.

The robot’s advanced modular design uses less energy than its predecessors, and maximises space on the factory floor with the ability to ceiling mount providing easier access and a greater working envelope.

A range of accessories can be used on the robot, including FANUC’s patented iRVision, collision detection, and coordinated motion features, making the ARC Mate-100iA/8L highly versatile.

Chris Sumner, Vice President at FANUC Europe commented, “The robot guarantees a high level of quality and precision for manufacturers within the metals industry. We’re committed to helping our customers improve productivity, reduce costs and ensure safety on the factory floor.”


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