Engineering and skills adviser appointed


EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, has appointed Professor John Perkins – the Government’s former Chief Scientific Adviser for business and author of its ground-breaking review of engineering skills in the UK – as an adviser.

Professor Perkins, who teaches at the University of Manchester, will support the manufacturers’ organisation as it strengthens its skills and innovation policy work and training provision in a bid to tackle the growing skills gap in the sector.

The move is in direct response to  EEF’s recently published skills report, which warned that manufacturers’ plans to drive productivity improvements and to capitalise on the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) could be derailed because the UK is struggling to provide the right quantity and quality of skills to meet the sector’s needs. With demand on the increase for people experienced in all forms of engineering, management and technical manufacturing skills, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive industry and Government-led strategy.

Professor Perkins has joined EEF as an adviser to work with the body on its strategy to help alleviate the immediate impact on firms, while working with Government on longer-term solutions. He will also advise EEF on closer links between universities and industry.

“When I published my review of engineering in 2013, it was clear that we urgently needed to equip our new and existing workforce with the right skills and learning opportunities to support industry,” said Professor Perkins. “That challenge has not gone away – in fact it is becoming more acute. I’m delighted to be working with EEF in support of manufacturing and the need to maintain our country’s commitment to developing and training new generations of highly skilled people to support Britain’s long-term economic ambitions.”


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