Empowering operators, enhancing efficiency: Collaborative robots automate palletizing at Sanofi


Sanofi, one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers, has implemented an OMRON palletizing solution with robotics to enhance efficiency and relieve workers from strenuous tasks. At Sanofi’s Marcy-l’Étoile site, where one billion doses are produced and distributed annually to 150 countries, the focus is on continuous improvement and streamlining processes.

One area that required attention was the end of the packaging line, where 9 kg boxes needed to be manually placed on pallets. This task involved heavy lifting and repetitive movements. To address this, Sanofi decided to install collaborative robot palletizers.

OMRON, with its 90 years of experience in machine automation and robotization, was the ideal partner for this project. The TM12 collaborative robot from OMRON was chosen for its performance, range, and payload capacity. Its compact footprint made integration seamless, especially in existing machine setups.

The collaborative robots, or cobots, have proven to be a valuable addition to the production line. They empower line-side operators and increase their capacity. Each cobot palletizes 150,000 kg of products per month, significantly reducing the manual workload for operators.

Safety is a top priority, and the cobots integrate seamlessly into the human environment, working alongside operators without compromising safety. From the start of production, the cobots have provided significant support, allowing operators to refocus on line management roles with greater added value. This has improved their quality of life at work and enhanced overall productivity.

OMRON’s support extends beyond the Marcy-l’Étoile site, as the company operates in over 120 countries and has together with partner FlexLink, a specialist in automated production and material flow solutions, completed similar installations across the world. OMRON is committed to supporting this global project, making sure the right products and support is available everywhere Sanofi is located. 

This ensures that OMRON’s latest technologies can be integrated to meet the specific needs of customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The collaboration between Sanofi and OMRON aligns with OMRON’s strategy of innovating in response to societal needs. The palletizing solution contributes to improving the quality of life both at Sanofi as a workplace and to Sanofi’s customers.

The solution implemented at Sanofi showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. By leveraging advanced automation solutions, companies can enhance efficiency, improve operator well-being, and ultimately deliver better healthcare for patients worldwide.


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