Elevating Textile Testing with James Heal’s HydroView and AirPro


Introduction to James Heal

James Heal stands as a global leader in the provision of advanced textile testing instruments and consumables. Renowned for its innovation and precision, James Heal’s expertise is trusted by top brands, retailers, manufacturers, and laboratories in over 70 countries. With products crafted by testing experts for testing experts, James Heal continues to lead the way in testing innovation.


At FORTEC United Kingdom, their mission is to be the premier provider of complex, innovative, and expert solutions in industrial electronics. A team of technology specialists collaborates closely with their clients to tackle intricate technical challenges through advanced displays, embedded computing, monitors, components, and power solutions. Empowering their customers to look beyond the initial specifications to adopt solutions that are more effective, efficient, or sustainable. Embracing complexity sets them apart and defines their unique approach.

James Heal’s Partnership with FORTEC UK on HydroView and AirPro

When James Heal sought an expert to collaborate on their new HydroView and AirPro instruments, they turned to FORTEC UK for their expertise in advanced display solutions, aiming to bring the latest technology for functionality and user experience.

Revolutionising Textile Testing with HydroView

The HydroView Hydrostatic Head Tester is James Heal’s answer to the textile industry’s need for materials that perform exceptionally under various conditions while meeting high aesthetic and functional standards. Designed to assess the water resistance of a broad spectrum of fabrics, the HydroView is synonymous with precision, reliability, and an unparalleled user experience.

FORTEC’s recommendation for the new HydroView

  • Litemax 10.1” High Resolution, IPS, High Brightness, Industrial Display with Multitouch Projective Capacitive Touch Screen: This display provides sharp, clear visuals and wide viewing angles, crucial for precise test result analysis. Its high brightness and robustness are ideal for diverse testing environments, while the Multitouch functionality offers an intuitive testing experience.
  • Customer Branded Protection Glass with Optical Bonding: This feature not only boosts brand visibility but also ensures the display’s durability and clarity. Optical bonding technology enhances readability in various lighting conditions and fortifies the screen against environmental challenges.
  • Custom HDMI Board with Audio and Configured Cable Sets: This setup ensures flawless device connectivity and integration, vital for contemporary testing laboratories. The inclusion of audio and bespoke cable sets enhances reliability and simplifies assembly, facilitating smooth operation.

Introducing AirPro: The Air Permeability Tester

In line with the HydroView, the AirPro by James Heal demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation in textile testing. This highly accurate air permeability tester is suitable for a range of materials and comes equipped with Test Wise software, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface for diverse testing applications.

FORTEC’s Custom Solutions for AirPro

  • Litemax 7.0” High Resolution, IPS, High Brightness, Industrial Display with Multitouch Projective Capacitive Touch Screen: Guarantees optimal visibility and durability, complemented by intuitive touch controls for an efficient testing process.
  • Customer Branded Protection Glass with Optical Bonding: Delivers a bespoke, premium appearance while enhancing the display’s durability and clarity, essential for accurate testing outcomes.
  • Custom HDMI Board with Audio and Configured Cable Sets: Promotes seamless operation and connectivity, with audio for an interactive testing experience and custom cables for enhanced reliability.

The partnership between James Heal and FORTEC UK in the development of the HydroView and AirPro underscores the powerful synergy between cutting-edge technology and textile testing expertise. These advancements not only meet the industry’s demand for precise and dependable fabric testing but also establish new benchmarks for the design and functionality of textile testing instruments. As the textile sector progresses, the importance of such innovations becomes increasingly critical, ensuring that manufacturers can fulfil the growing expectations for high-quality, durable, and functional textiles.

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