EBE Engineering launches ECOFLOW


EBE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a market-leading steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting.  The EFK-F and EFG-F versions are both cast in one piece, using CF8 Stainless Steel, which provide the traps with consistent strength, resilience and dimensional accuracy.

The new trap’s body comprises of a modular design to incorporate low and high flow in the same housing.  Due to a unique and innovative Venturi concept, the new design extends the trap’s performance over variable condensate loads. Welding has been eliminated, resulting in a totally homogenous design that makes the trap physically stronger and safer. It also simplifies certification; thereby speeding up production and ensuring consistently high quality. The streamlined manufacturing process enables EBE Engineering to pass on the benefits of economies of scale to its customers.



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