Easily automate product identification and improve traceability


If you’re a manufacturer and looking to use automation to overcome human resource scarcity, reduce cost of manual labour, ensure 100% traceability, and continuously improve focus in Manufacturing – then Brady are here to help!

Activate the competitive advantages of Smart Manufacturing and start with error-free identification thanks to a fully automated printed circuit board labelling solution. There’s a clever way to make sure every PCB in production is connected to your Smart Factory … Automated print and apply solutions from Brady!

Brady can offer several automation solutions depending on customer needs

Brady Label Printer Applicators reliably automates printed circuit board labelling, consistently prints and applies tiny polyimide labels that can resist the entire PCB production process.

Or you can choose the advanced in-line high-end automated systems, which automatically print & place a reliable traceability label anywhere on any multi, or single board standard PCB in 3 seconds.

Or view the many other Brady solutions that can help increase workplace efficiency, provide more data analysis for continuous improvement … increased data accuracy … faster problem intervention … faster product batch localisation and many other benefits to your manufacturing processes!

Automated labelling can significantly increase the speed at which products like printed circuit boards and other electronics components can be identified. It enables you to comply with traceability requirements, while protecting profitability.

Brady offers a complete, automated labelling solution that includes industrial-grade labels, automated label printing software and automated print & apply systems.

It’s always great to meet with like-minded people in the manufacturing industry to share ideas, challenges and visions, so let’s team up at Southern Manufacturing in Booth # E120, or get in touch with us to arrange a meeting and a free demo.

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