Driving electrification in the off-highway sector 


MEPCA found out how Bosch Rexroth, a leading provider of drive and control technologies, is pushing the boundaries of the off-highway sector with its innovative end-to-end high-voltage portfolio, the Rexroth eLION platform. 

This eLION solution from Bosch Rexroth aims to accelerate the electrification of mobile working machines, offering manufacturers the tools they need to develop both partially and fully electric off-highway machinery. By combining advanced electrification technologies with intelligent software, eLION delivers enhanced efficiency, superior performance, and complete compliance with functional and electrical safety requirements.

Electrifying the off-highway sector

As the world embraces the urgent need for sustainable practices, the off-highway sector, which encompasses industries like construction, agriculture, and mining, is undergoing a significant transformation. Traditionally powered by internal combustion engines, off-highway vehicles are transitioning towards electrification to reduce carbon emissions and comply with stringent environmental regulations. Recognising this industry shift, Bosch Rexroth is actively driving the electrification of mobile working machines through its cutting-edge eLION platform.

The Rexroth eLION platform encompasses a wide range of high-voltage components that form the building blocks for electrifying mobile working machines. It includes electric drives, inverters, energy storage systems, and power distribution units. These components are designed to handle the demanding requirements of off-highway applications, ensuring robust performance and longevity even in challenging environments.

In addition to efficiency, the eLION platform delivers powerful performance. The high-torque electric motors offer instant acceleration and precise control, enabling operators to manoeuvre heavy loads with ease. These vehicles maintain their productivity and functionality while operating quietly and emitting zero tailpipe emissions, creating a healthier and more comfortable working environment for operators and nearby communities.

Intelligent software 

Beyond its hardware offerings, eLION leverages intelligent software solutions to maximise the efficiency and performance of electrified off-highway machinery. By integrating control algorithms and machine learning capabilities, the platform optimises energy consumption, power delivery, and system responsiveness. This not only increases overall machine efficiency but also enables precise control and enhanced operational safety.


Safety is paramount in the off-highway sector, and Bosch Rexroth places great emphasis on ensuring that its eLION platform complies with functional and electrical safety requirements. By adhering to these regulations, the platform provides essential safeguards to protect operators, machinery, and the environment. With the eLION platform, manufacturers can have peace of mind knowing that their electrified off-highway machinery meets all necessary safety standards.

The platform is at the forefront of driving the electrification revolution in the off-highway sector. By equipping vehicles with this innovative high-voltage portfolio, the company is enabling manufacturers to realise both partially and fully electric off-highway machinery, furthering the goal of sustainability. With a comprehensive range of high-voltage components and intelligent software solutions, the eLION platform offers increased efficiency, powerful performance, and compliance with functional and electrical safety requirements. Bosch Rexroth’s commitment to providing environmentally conscious solutions while maintaining productivity and reliability makes it a key player in shaping the future of the off-highway industry.

Bosch Rexroth’s mission is to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. With each vehicle it electrifies using the eLION platform, it says it moves closer to achieving its goal of providing solutions to an environmentally conscious world. By embracing electrification in the off-highway sector, Bosch Rexroth believes it can significantly reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution, and dependence on fossil fuels.

Moreover, the eLION platform enables manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and supports their efforts in building a more sustainable brand image. Customers, stakeholders, and end-users are increasingly demanding eco-friendly solutions, and by adopting the eLION platform, manufacturers can position themselves as leaders in sustainability.



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