Driving a supersized mixer


To create a larger-than-ever batch production mixer for a toothpaste manufacturer, advanced mixing solutions specialist EKATO had to thoroughly consider dosage and dispersion times, blend and homogenisation times, and vacuum values for the supersized design of a new toothpaste production system. NORD‘s task as the drive supplier was to configure gears and motors suited to the agitator and homogeniser specifications, with a view to high efficiency and durability.

As the agitator drives were to be installed on top of the production mixers, they also had to be kept as compact as possible, despite the extremely high performance expected of them.

UNIMIX systems consist of a vessel fitted with an agitator, a homogeniser, and various dispensing mechanisms for introducing ingredients into the process. Until recently, toothpaste batch production vessels were designed for no more than 4,000 to 5,000l. The two mixers newly engineered by EKATO hold roughly twice the volume of the largest previously available mixers, and the production system achieves at least three times the former maximum production output.

Homogeneous product quality is paramount in this application. That means the drive solution must be designed to respond quickly, unfailingly ensure continuity, and sustain the formidable forces on the agitator shaft owed to the mixture‘s high viscosity.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS configured and supplied two motors delivering more than 150kW, with industrial gears providing nominal output torques of 242,000Nm.

NORD is the only manufacturer worldwide to produce industrial gear units as powerful as these in a single-piece cast design. Their impressive size notwithstanding, the type SK 15407 3-stage helical bevel gear units used in this process achieve a comparatively compact footprint. The one-piece housing ensures a highly reliable and leak-proof construction, bearings accommodating greater torques, high resilience against axial and radial strain, low maintenance needs and a long service life.



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