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The anticipated launch of the full range of Donghua-branded sprockets in the UK has commenced with the promotion of Pilot Bore and Taper Bore Sprockets.

Donghua Limited, which is a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chain, has been supplying made-to-drawing sprockets in the UK since they set-up their distribution centre in 2009. However, they recently announced the introduction of their full sprocket range to the UK enabling them to deliver the ‘complete drive solution’.

Brett Southall, sales director for Donghua Limited, explains: “In response to customer demand, we have increased the Sprocket product range available ex-stock in the UK. As part of this initiative we’ll be promoting our Pilot Bore and Taper Bore ranges in the press and online in the coming months, however, these Sprockets are just the forerunners to a full range of drive products planned for 2017 including idlers, tensioners and torque limiters.”

Brett continues: ‘This move has been welcomed by our stockists who can now supply their customers with the complete drive solution from Donghua at competitive prices.”

Donghua’s transmission chain sprockets are manufactured at the Group’s headquarters in China in purpose-built production facilities which comprise an innovative vertical CNC gear shaping tool with tooth form and tooth direction tester, and instrumentation that checks the gear shape and alignment, precision keyway broaching and set screw machining.

Using high quality steel, Donghua produces standard and large pitch conveyor sprockets, plus special form sprockets built to customer requirements. Their range also includes idlers, tensioners, torque limiters and sheer pin split sprockets.

Taper Bore Sprockets and Bushes with standard or flame-hardened teeth for high bearing loads and to improve wear life are available in sizes BS 06B to 20B. Pilot Bore Sprockets and Plate Wheels are available in sizes BS 05B to 32B in simplex, duplex and triplex.


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