DMV 2000


Easy to implement, highly performing and affordable

The latest Delta Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series provides a smart and user friendly operation interface of high-speed, high-precision (up to 12 MB), and multi-processing ability: up to 8 high speed cameras can be connected to this stand-alone system. It supports multi input and output, standard industrial network interfaces (Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485) and various machine vision inspection functions. With the help of vision inspection tools in the DMV Series, the product quality and efficiency of the automated production line are substantially enhanced. The DMV Series can be used effectively for product quality check, exterior size measurement, finished products count, identification check and other industrial automation related processes in many sectors: general industrial machinery, automotive, rubber and plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, printing, packaging, metal processing, robotic arm integrated applications, TFT, semiconductors, solar energy and other related electronics industries.

Many features enable easy setting and programming. Delta Electronics offers dedicated lighting system and lens, which can be set easily thanks to image auto calibration and lens distortion correction functions.

The new user-friendly operation interface enables smart operation flow and interface for faster programming. Its built-in multi-functional developing tools enable to set all detections quickly. The DMV Series features a wide range of visual inspection functions including area inspection, 2D platform positioning, edge position, width, count and angle, stain inspection, blob inspection, pattern/shape search and matching, colour inspection, coordinate calculation, angle calculation, trend edge, auto-alignment, coordinate search, and more. It also features OCV, bar code and QR code controls. These numerous functions, the high dynamic range and a range of filters enable subtler inspections, which can be tested on off-line simulation tool. It is possible to upload/download program and built-in PLC communication reduces program compilations.

Additionally, the RUN mode can be monitored thanks to self-defined display and operation interfaces.

High performing and stable control The DMV Series feature higher hardware specification comparing to same grade products. It achieves high-speed processing and high resolution. Greatly enhanced system performance enables more precise and stable inspection, while storage, communication and UI operation can work synchronously. Real-time inspection is minimally affected. It costs, for instance, a total of 15ms for single trigger input, lighting, image capture, inspection and data output for a 0.3 M pixels full area inspection. The DMV Series feature 50 frames per second (fps) with a resolution of 12 MB (4096 x 3072 pixel) or 295 fps with a resolution of 2 MB (2048 X 1088 pixels). Higher resolution enables enhanced precision. Automated Blob reduces the network load.

Furthermore, this stand-alone unit supports up to 8 high speed cameras work. Delta Electronics has developed the CameraLink interface to achieve this increased level of performance. The multi-tasking control enables to inspect parallel processes asynchronously and will enhance efficiency and save development costs.

Highly precise and integrated, the DMV Series eliminates errors due to occupational fatigue or carelessness, inspects product defects invisible to the human eye, and assembles fine machinery with high accuracy, leading to increased product quality, lower RMA rates, enhanced production efficiency and savings on labour costs.


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